5 More Mouth-Watering Before-and-After’s that Pack a Copywriting Punch

The E! Reality Series Botched was just renewed for its third season set to air in 2016— pulling in 1.8 million viewers. Wowza! People love their before-and-after’s.



I love them too and they’re so addicting, aren’t they? So I thought I’d bring you 5 more mouth-watering before-and-after’s that pack a copywriting punch.

Finding the perfect words can be hard but the right ones and the right “justpositionINGit” (smile) can make a world of difference on your engagement, leads, and bottom line.

Here is Part 2 of the mouth-watering series—and these are REAL before statements!


Sales letter subject line

Product: Roadside Assistance Membership
Before: We invite you to enjoy immediate membership
How About This: Never be stranded alone again with a special reduced membership rate


Newspaper ad headline

Product: Furniture Sale on Couches and Loveseats
Before: Buy one get the second one ½ price
How About This: Relax in comfort like never before at half the cost


Grocery store ad

Product: Meat and vegetables
Before: Fresh food. Low prices.
How About This: Fill your home with fresh-baked pot roast or juicy smothered chicken on a budget


Direct mail insert

Product: Dance Classes
Before: Excellence in dance since 1980
How About This: Learn to dance like the ballerina you imagined in your dreams



Product: Dry Cleaning Services
Before: Fresh garments, fresh air. Professional garment care.
How About This: Give your favorite garments the smell of fresh air. Professional care guaranteed!


There are always ways to add an extra boost to copy to make it mouth-watering and irresistible. Think about the audience, and cater to what will drive them to take action.


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