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I can make your life easier when it comes to your marketing. Imagine for a second if you didn’t have to “go it alone.” Let me ask you…is your copywriting getting the results you need? What are you doing to turn your website into a lead generation factory while you get your zzzzzs?

Review the library of free marketing resources, just for you, that offers in-depth eBooks, checklists, worksheets, and more to attract and keep your customers.


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It’s 100% free. Be A Smarter Marketer with Advice that Actually Works 
Get calendars, guides, worksheets, checklists, and your very own value-vault filled with my marketing secret sauce to help your business thrive.

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Copywriting that results in business growth

Justpositionit-Copywriting: Get Results!

25 Free Secrets to Copywriting that Sells
Learn the #1 thing you can do with your copy right now to drive more action

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Make your website sell while you sleep

Justpositionit-Top 10 sales-boosting tips for your website

Top 10 Website Lead Generation Strategies
Get proven sales-boosting tips

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Strategies to turn customer loyalty from a wish into a reality

Justpositionit - 51 Ways to Say Thank You

Get 51 Ways to Say Thank You

Apply the psychology behind a “thank you” and stop leaking customers from your business

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21 Ways to Use the Power of Convenience to Attract Loyal Customers
Drive more business & profits

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Lead generation that works

Justpositionit 6 Ways to increase email engagement

Be Smarter About Email Marketing
Powerful must-haves checklist

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Marketing planning and productivity tools

2017 Marketing Calendar Justpositionit

Manage & Monitor Your Marketing Like the Pros…Pain-Free
2017 11-Point Marketing Calendar gives clear “checkpoints” and “stop points” to eliminate overwhelm

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Marketing Worksheet Justpositionit

Never Forget A Marketing Action Item Again

Get and stay organized with this simple marketing worksheet
(daily, weekly, and monthly to do’s)

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