15 Content Marketing Ideas Your Prospects Will Drool Over


Did you know every 60 seconds Facebook users share 2.4 million pieces of content, or that Twitter users tweet 277,000 times?* Holy Moly! Does anyone sleep anymore? Looks like content marketing is here to stay—and you need to take advantage of the phenomenon.



What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing, inbound marketing, or pull marketing: It’s the practice of creating and publishing a piece of content relevant to your service or product that provides value and educates—like an e-book, infographic, or cheat sheet—and offering it up to your ideal prospects in exchange for their email address.


But…with all of this generated content, how the heck do you stand out? How can you offer meaningful information that can help attract people to your business?


While there’s lots of crap out there for folks to feed on, if you can solve a problem, you’ll clearly stand out. People are, and will always be, interested in solving their problems. Period.


Let’s explore this.


15 Content Marketing Ideas Your Prospects Will Drool Over

If you’re a business, you may struggle to attract prospects. Offering free information or education—also known as content—is one way to do that. But what types of content should you create? How can you stand out?

Below are content ideas for 15 different business types and industries. The point of these ideas is to help attract prospects to your business. It’s completely appropriate to offer information that may not directly relate to your product or service per se.

Your goal here is to help people solve their problems through education. You see, if someone needs help with, say, A, you can make assumptions about what other information they may find helpful, thus offering up B.


These ideas can take the form of an e-book, infographic, cheat sheet, video, or other medium.


#1: Insurance

Problem you solve: Preparation for unplanned death.
Helpful content idea: “The best ways to protect your family from unexpected tragedies.”


#2: Dentist

Problem you solve: Tooth loss prevention and longevity of healthy teeth.
Helpful content idea: “Unsuspecting habits that are destroying your teeth.”


#3: Landscaper

Problem you solve: Time saving of gardening maintenance and sustained curb appeal.
Helpful content idea: “Things you’re unknowingly doing that’s shortening the lifespan of your foliage.”


#4: Real Estate Agent

Problem you solve: Help secure housing for families.
Helpful content idea: “10 hidden benefits of home ownership no one talks about.”


#5: Financial Advisor

Problem you solve: Asset accumulation, de-risking, and loss prevention.
Helpful content idea: “10 worst mistakes most people make when it comes to finances.”


#6: Personal Trainer

Problem you solve: Achieving weight loss and longevity.
Helpful content idea: “10 things you can do while sitting that helps burn calories.”


#7: Banking Institution

Problem you solve: Wealth protection and ease of day-to-day financial transactions.
Helpful content idea: “Top 20 ways to curb needless spending and save more money.”


#8: Grocery Store

Problem you solve: Acquisition of food.
Helpful content idea: “Things to look for when shopping for fruit and vegetables.”


#9: Retail Clothing Store

Problem you solve: Prevention of looking frumpy and out of style.
Helpful content idea: “How to look better in the clothes you buy.”


#10: An App

Problem you solve: Provide entertainment or increase organization and productivity.
Helpful content idea: “10 hidden things your app does for you while you sleep.”


#11: Interior Designer

Problem you solve: Help beautify the home environment.
Helpful content idea: “Furniture-buying tips to modernize your living space.”


#12: Laundromat

Problem you solve: Eliminate dirty clothes.
Helpful content idea: “Tips for knowing when to wash with hot or cold water.”


#13 Makeup Counter

Problem you solve: Enhance beauty, reduce years in appearance, or hide imperfections.
Helpful content idea: “Makeup application tips the pros use to erase years off your appearance.”


#14 Jewelry Store

Problem you solve: Increase girlfriend or spousal happiness and loyalty.
Helpful content idea: “Most popular engagement ring designs to delight your favorite lady.”


#15 Art Gallery

Problem you solve: Showcase status and increase appearance of education and worldliness.
Helpful content idea: “Art-buying tips for the novice.”


The Bottom Line

One of the easiest ways to attract prospects and customers to your business is to offer free education or content. Each of these 15 content marketing ideas your prospects will drool over gives you a solid start for brainstorming the problem your product or service solves, and what free education a potential prospect or customer will find helpful.


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