Designing Your Digital Empire™!

Get launched with an immersive, private, one-on-one experience. Your online business is waiting for you.

You have a desire to show up online in a BIG way and create magic for your clients. Am I right?

Putting an offer into the world can be overwhelming and scary.


What will you offer?

Who will you sell to?

Where is your audience online?

What will you charge?

How do all of the tech pieces fit together?

It can be mind-numbing to go it alone.

So many things need to be put in place LONGGGG before you ever launch or start running a social media ad. Careful thought is required to deliver a seamless experience for your leads.

We do the heavy lifting.

We'll write your landing pages, sales pages, webinar scripts, launch emails, Facebook ads, lead magnets (and design them), AND handle the tech.

You sit back and make approvals!

What if in 8 WEEKS you could:

  • Get clarity and develop a compelling offer and messaging?

  • End the tech headaches involved in promoting an online product?

  • Design all the materials you need for your marketing funnel?

You Get STEP-BY-STEP Guidance!



Life Balance Coach at Charis Your Life

"Angela truly has the perfect name, because she really is an 'Angel' who not only provided me with her phenomenal copywriting (that really feels connected with me and my voice); she also brought her super smart and strategic ideas on positioning my message to every asset of my funnel — from the landing page — to the webinar scripting — to the slides — to the emails — to the sales and checkout pages. I can't recommend her highly enough!"



"Angela helped me realize where I may accidentally have been turning potential buyers off, when I actually thought I was wording things the way I was supposed to. Her live feedback and her changes helped me understand concepts that I could immediately use on other parts of my website and emails as well. All I was expecting was to get some better copy - which I absolutely received. But what I wasn't expecting was to be able to use her feedback to learn and grow and be applicable even in conversations with potential clients!"


Director of Marketing and Sales, Helicopter Association International

"Ang cuts through all the marketing chatter to get right to business; directing the right message, to the right person at just the right time."



Marketing Director, University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business

"Ang understands that words can be powerful! She helps you use the right words to evoke emotion, tell an enticing story, and sell."

So, who the heck am I and why should you care?

Hi, I’m Angela, but my friends call me Ang.

Designing Your Digital Empire™ is the culmination of decades helping clients build their platforms. I’ve worked with over 100 businesses on their copywriting, messaging, and marketing strategy. If you want practical knowhow that’s helped drive millions in sales working with owners and leaders, you have found your solution.

You’ve got choices, so just remember these three things about me:


    Boy, have I written a few words in my day. The growing portfolio includes, 2,000+ headlines, 80+ video scripts, 1,000+ emails, 30+ catalogs, and 500+ collateral pieces. I love and breathe this stuff. If you want theory and mumbo jumbo, I’m not the one for you.


    When it comes to industry experience, you’re in good hands. I’ve been the mastermind behind the messaging in no fewer than 10 industries: coaching, real estate, financial services, not-for-profit, retail, education, toys, software, manufacturing, skin care and beauty, and health and nutritional supplements.


    I walk my talk. How can I ask you to let me coach you, if I don’t receive coaching myself? I invest thousands and thousands of dollars into learning from top marketing, copywriting, and online business leaders so I can pass the knowledge over to you.


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