9 Ways to Tap into the Emotion of the Holidays and Bring a Sales Windfall

The holidays are obviously a prime sales time for retailers, but it can also be a great time to capture new prospects and clients for all businesses and service providers. Quite simply, people make New Year’s resolutions—make your product or offering one of those resolutions.



The holidays are a time of pure and raw emotions. People are thinking about their families—mothers, fathers, spouses, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends—what’s in store for the New Year, and making positive change—even if they don’t exactly know what that change will be.

Why are sales so high between October and January? Logically, is there REALLY a difference between March and November or April and December? No, people buy during this time for EMOTIONAL reasons. Let’s say that again: People buy during this time for EMOTIONAL reasons. Couple that with a brand new year, and you have a super-ripe opportunity to pull in new customers.


Here are a few positioning strategies to work into your marketing messages to help snag new customers during this period

Ideally, get started in September.


  • Is growing your business part of your New Year’s resolution? [promote offering]
  • Would you like to achieve______in (state year)? [promote offering]
  • What’s your New Year’s resolution? [promote offering]
  • What do you want to change in the New Year? [promote offering]
  • If you could change your______in (state year), would you?
  • Do you want better______in (state year)? Let us help you.
  • Do you want your New Year to be better than your (state year)? [product can help]
  • Would you like to improve your business outlook for (state year)? [product can help]
  • Would you like to______ in (state year)?

People want something to look forward to in the New Year, even if they don’t yet know what that thing may be. Your service or product can provide the perfect resolution.

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