26 Reasons JustPositionIt! Is Just For You…and Your Company

Every business, no matter how large or small, should have access to thoughtful, meaningful, relevant, and helpful marketing strategies and tips regardless of their depth of marketing expertise.

In the world of business growth and development, it’s all about positioning and marketing puzzle pieces. I beg your pardon, you say? Whether you’re a small business owner, professional speaker, marketing executive, sales person, dealership owner, or consultant—you use, have used, will use, or should use, certain puzzle pieces and positioning to help grow sales and increase leads. Period.


What Are These Puzzle Pieces?

Puzzle pieces are those powerful marketing weapons that fit into a larger strategy that ultimately create your positioning and brand. If one puzzle piece is the wrong fit—like using bench ads to promote an electrical drill—it can sidetrack your entire marketing “big picture,” not to mention waste money.

Each piece in a marketing puzzle fits together to tell a broader story—the story, your story. This blog examines the endless puzzle pieces and how to JustPositionIt!™.


26 Reasons JustPositionIt! Is Just For You…and Your Company

JustPositionIt!™ offers over 26 reasons you’ll want to tune into this site! Get marketing and positioning insight on:

  1. Blogs
  2. Events
  3. Display
  4. Social
  5. Chat
  6. Email
  7. Promotions
  8. Viral
  9. Opt-ins
  10. Websites
  11. The cross-sell
  12. Coupons
  13. Newsletters
  14. Infographics
  15. Telemarketing
  16. PR
  17. Radio
  18. The FREE give-a-way
  19. Print
  20. Direct mail
  21. Gift cards
  22. TV
  23. Ads
  24. The up-sell
  25. Slogans
  26. Infomercials


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