25 Strategies to Grow Your Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (based on The Five Love Languages)

The bestselling book, The Five Love Languages, has sold over 8 million copies in English and has been translated into 49 other languages.* Gee-whiz! Clearly Dr. Gary Chapman is onto something…huge.



The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, was first published in 1992. The 1996 edition consistently ranks in the top 100 sellers on Amazon.com, and ranked in the top 50 in February, 2007. It also consistently ranks in the top five books on the New York Times Best Sellers List, claiming the number one spot at times.

The notion of this book is to help people speak and understand emotional love when it is expressed through one of five “languages.” These languages are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical love. Dr. Chapman argues that while each of these languages is enjoyed to some degree by all people, a person will usually speak one primary language, but all are important and can be ranked.

What does this have to do with marketing, you ask? EVERYTHING! Hug your customers and don’t take them for granted.


25 Strategies to Grow Your Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (based on The Five Love Languages)

Having customers or clients is exactly like being in a marriage—well, with a few exceptions.

In order to have a healthy relationship there must be mutual benefit, rewards, communication, fulfillment, and respect. When these elements are present, longevity and satisfaction will follow. The goal here is to get to the point where your customers can’t live without you.

Here are 25 strategies to apply the five languages of love to your marketing plan.


First Love Language: Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are little, spoken (or written) gems that can deepen any relationship fast. Say this in your marketing:

  1. Thank you for being a valued customer.”
  2. You’re one of our best clients.”
  3. Thank you for your loyalty throughout the years.”
  4. You deserve more.” And follow up with an act of service (see below).
  5. Thank you for giving us your feedback.”


Second Love Language: Acts of Service

Acts of service are driven by the notion that actions speak louder than words. Try this in your marketing:


  1. Help your clients deal with a difficult situation or circumstance. (Business or personal)
  2. Instead of simply servicing a client, go beyond and help them grow or improve their business.
  3. Offer tips for using your product or service to the best of its ability.
  4. Give updates on new products and services and give them the exclusive first access.
  5. Create a special group for your best clients/customers.

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Third Love Language: Receiving Gifts

In every society throughout human history, gift-giving has been perceived as an expression of love. Giving gifts is universal. Try this in your marketing:


  1. Donate to a client’s favorite charity.
  2. Give a birthday gift.
  3. Give clients’ family members a gift.
  4. Offer a gift card for a client’s favorite store.
  5. Give a fee waiver or special discount.


Fourth Love Language: Quality Time

We’ve all heard the movie jokes about spending “quality time.” This is also important for client and customer relationships. Try this with your marketing:


  1. Offer special conference calls.
  2. Call your clients.
  3. Schedule a standing time to touch base.
  4. Send clients a survey and ask for clarification on their answers.
  5. Send a note card that says, “You have our undivided attention,” and give a special 24-hour hotline number just for their inquiries.


Fifth Love Language: Physical Touch

Yes, there is emotional power in physical touch. In a business setting this language can be cleverly used. Try this in your marketing:


  1. Hold a face-to-face meeting.
  2. Take your clients to lunch.
  3. For clients with whom you wish to establish deep and personal relationships, offer to take them to dinner.
  4. Take a group of clients to a ball game.
  5. For top clients with whom you want a lifetime relationship, go on a vacation together.


Wrapping Up

Use these 25 Strategies to Grow Your Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (based on The Five Love Languages) and apply your own powerful mix in your marketing planning.



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