Finally, a FOOLPROOF way to know if a copywriter is any good BEFORE you hire them!

Watch a copy critique that reimagines a website in  9 minutes flat.🎁

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If you fumble your way through writing only to have it fall flat and long for someone else to just DO IT FOR YOU, you’re in the right place.

As amazing as your services are, if you don’t know how to accurately convey them in your messaging, no one’s going to buy from you.

Finding the right copywriter can be a brutal and time-consuming process. Now, you can get an insider’s look into a live copywriting critique given in real time so you can decide for yourself if you like what you see.

Watch Angela:

  • Transform a website in under 9 minutes
  • Show you a big no no when it comes to crafting your headlines
  • Perform a little-known trick when talking about the value of your services

You'll Also See Her:

  • Reword phrases to make them 10X more powerful
  • Demonstrate the one thing most people forget to add to their website

It all happens right before your eyes in this free critique peek! ✍

But, who the heck am I and why should you listen to me, you ask?

My name is Angela Murphy but call me Ang. I'm a marketing junkie that's helped drive millions in sales working with small business owners and corporations. Also, I’m the by-product of two successful entrepreneur parents. Something’s rubbed off:)

Insider Secrets: With years of real-world experience, there's no theory here. I’ve lived in the business environment for over 15 years and counting. While there are many coaches out there, few truly understand what drives revenue.

Deep Street Cred: Boy, have I written a few words in my day. The growing portfolio includes, 2000+ headlines, 80+ video scripts, 1000+ emails, 30 +catalogs, blog posts, infographics, sell sheets, brochures, proposals, prospecting letters, ads, direct mail, and more. I love and breathe this stuff. If you want innuendo and mumbo jumbo, I’m not the one for you. If you want practical knowhow that’s helped drive millions in sales, I’m your gal.

10X the Industry Chops: When it comes to industry experience, you’re in good hands. I’ve worked in no less than 10 industries: real estate, financial services, not-for-profit, retail, education, toys, software, manufacturing, skin care and beauty, and health and nutritional supplements. Whew, that’s a lot, right? Let me help you.

Dr. Andrea Moore

Angela helped me realize where I may accidentally have been turning potential buyers off, when I actually thought I was wording things the “way I was supposed to”. Her live feedback and her changes helped me understand concepts that I could immediately use on other parts of my website and emails as well. All I was expecting was to get some better copy – which I absolutely received. But what I wasn’t expecting was to be able to use her feedback to learn and grow and be applicable even in conversations with potential clients!

Dr. Andrea Moore Owner
Alba Adrian

Ang understands that words can be powerful! She helps you use the right words to evoke emotion, tell an enticing story, and sell.

Alba Adrian Marketing Director, University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business
Miriam Gilbert

Your copy review was just the bomb. My web copy reads so much better. I had been struggling with this for ages and you cut through the fluff and got straight to the point. It sounds super professional now, without any business BS and still – it sounds like me! I’ve been complimented already how well it reads – and how compelling it makes my membership offer!

Miriam Gilbert Founder and CEO ImpactfulnessLab

Watch Angela transform a website (live) in less than 9 minutes flat in this critique peek. You'll want to be next. 🙌

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