About Ang’s Marketing Boutique

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About Ang’s Marketing Boutique™

Hey you! SOOO glad you’re here and want to learn more!

I’m Ang, founder of the Boutique and an admitted marketing junkie with a knack for helping business owners write, post, plan, and market their way to success. Because I see you there…with ambitions of growing your business bigger and better and just wishing you had someone to help you do it.

I’ve Been There

In 2014, I had no followers, no subscribers, no blog, no website, and no CLUE. LOL! I went from literally ZERO to having hundreds of subscribers, tens of thousands of followers, a strong brand, and actual sales. Marketing can transform your business and I want to teach you everything I know.

Why I Created Ang’s Marketing Boutique™

I created Ang’s Marketing Boutique™ for two main reasons:

  1. To help small businesses tell their story to the world and make a profit. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to grow and scale a business, and when you need marketing help, you usually need it immediately. If you need ideas, or are having trouble with writing, or need help planning out your marketing, you want help pronto. What you need is Marketing On Demand! This is a place where you can get help right away 24 hours a day.
  2. To hear from marketers and entrepreneurs like you to tell me what you need. I want to know what your biggest hurdles are so I can develop tailored solutions that will work for you and your goals. So don’t be shy and spill those struggle beans?Tell me all about it here.

Here’s What Else You May Like

As a kid I watched my mom struggle with all the demands that came with entrepreneurship—and vowed since then to help passionate small business owners tell their story to the world and GROW sales. JustPositionIt!® gives you boat loads of free marketing advice on copywriting, website marketing, generating customer loyalty, lead generation and more. You can subscribe 100% free here.

Copywriting can be hard!!! Ang’s Writing Lab™ helps eliminate your copywriting misery.

We can totally work together and you can get my secret serum of persuasive writing tactics I’ve picked up over the years, that’ll help to unearth that emotional connection with prospects and customers you need to drive action and engagement. All writing needs that extra force factor — that snap, crackle, and pop with an extra helping of oomph to make it special. I’ll do the poking, prodding, and pondering to come up with the perfect chemistry for your writing. Get started here.

Let’s do this?!