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Imagine for a Second…

You wake up in the morning to start your day, grab your cup of coffee, and sit down at your computer. Your emails seemed to have exploded in your inbox overnight and you have endless projects, appointments, and initiatives — all that require your time and immediate, undivided attention. And while you’re pulling your hair out wondering how the heck to get it all done, you remember you have to-do’s on your list that require copywriting. AHH! As you’re secretly wishing you could get your writing done by a magic word fairy, what if you COULD turn that dream into a reality?

If your copywriting projects were delivered to your inbox on time, on tone, and on brand, how happy would that make you?

Welcome to Ang’s Writing Lab™

End Your Copywriting Misery 

Six Reasons You’ll Want Ang’s Writing Lab™ Serving Up Your Copy 

Ang’s Secret Serum

You’ll get my secret serum of persuasive writing tactics I’ve picked up over the years, that’ll help to unearth that emotional connection with prospects and customers you need to drive action and engagement. All writing needs that extra force factor — that snap, crackle, and pop with an extra helping of oomph to make it special. I’ll do the poking, prodding, and pondering to come up with the perfect chemistry for your writing.

Quality Content Concoctions

You’ll get professionally written copy services, period. Never will you get sloppy, error-riddled writing-ever. I work with the best copy proofers in the business who love nothing more than identifying misplaced modifiers and apostrophe abominations. With over 13 years of business and promotional copywriting experience, you’ll get the absolute best of everything I know.

Free Revision Remedies

See, you understand the nuances of your audience better than anyone, so it’s totally reasonable that you’ll need tweaks and tugs. Just tell me what you want and I’ll make the alterations free; it’ll be included with your writing package. The only thing I ask is that you send me the edits within 15 days of receipt.

100% Original Copy Formulas

It’s all about you! You deserve purely original content, crafted and tailored to your business. And that’s exactly what you’ll get. You’re unique, your business is unique, your products and services are unique, your voice is unique, and so should your copy.

Get Served Your Way

When it comes to your copywriting, I’ll do it for you-you just need to decide how we’ll work together. There’s two super-easy options to meet your needs. Shall it be on a project-by-project basis or would you prefer a retainer? It’s totally up to you, the choice is yours, always.

Iron-Clad Guarantee*

You get Ang’s No BS Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the copy for any reason following its receipt, I’ll refund 50% of your money-no questions asked. All you need to do is request your refund within 10 days of it landing in your email inbox.

*No guarantees are made on the results of your copy.

Suite of Services

Copywriting is the lifeblood of your messaging, your messaging is the lifeblood of your brand, and your brand is the lifeblood of your business. — Ang’s Mantra.

Digital Writing

Digital communications are here to stay and are the world’s looking glass into you and your business. Seize this special opportunity with cleverly written web copy,

Content Marketing Services

Attract prospects to your business and keep ’em comin’ back for more. Whether you need business or promotional copywriting, you can make a lasting

Corporate and Personal Branding

Pack a powerful punch with your brand personality. Your brand is your platform and your microphones are slogans, taglines, value propositions, logos, press

No marketing or copywriting samples are provided to protect client privacy. The good news is you can get your very own free copy sample, here.

Industry Experience

If your industry is represented below, you’re in the right place!











Marketing and Copywriting Street Cred


headlines crafted


video scripts sculpted


emails penned


catalogs created


collateral pieces written


businesses serviced

All statistics reflect my blood, sweat, and tears beginning with my pre-college years, into the working world, until now!

But Who the Heck am I and Why Should You Work with Me?

Let me formally introduce myself. I’m Angela Murphy but call me Ang.
Aside from being born with a pencil in my hand, I know the super power of words.
Here’s what else that’ll benefit you and your business:

  • Insider Secrets

    With real-world experience, I’ve lived in the business environment for over 15 years and counting. While many copywriters out there may have English lit degrees (I hold a business degree from USC in case you were wondering), few truly understand what drives revenue. I fuse creativity and emotion to make your copywriting come to life and produce results.

  • Authentic Output

    Boy, have I written a few words in my day. The growing portfolio includes, headlines, video scripts, blog posts, emails, infographics, sell sheets, brochures, proposals, catalogs, prospecting letters, ads, direct mail, and others. I love and breathe this stuff. If you want theory and mumbo jumbo, I’m not the one for you. If you want practical knowhow that’s helped drive millions in sales, I’m your gal.

  • 10x The Industry Chops

    When it comes to industry experience, you’re in good hands. I’ve worked in no less than 10 industries: real estate, financial services, not-for-profit, retail, education, toys, software, manufacturing, skin care and beauty, and health and nutritional supplements. Whew, that’s a lot, right?

He Said, She Said

Alba GibsonMarketing Director USC, Marshall School of Business 

“Ang understands that words can be powerful! She helps you use the right words to evoke emotion, tell an enticing story, and sell.”

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