“Angela is a uniquely talented marketing professional. I have always been impressed by her desire to listen to her customer and consistently deliver results beyond expectations. I am proud to have worked with Angela on so many initiatives and consider her contribution and the example she sets, a critical component to success.” 

Kelly Michel
Kelly Michel
Senior Vice President, Head of Retirement Services
AIG Advisor Group


“They say that if you want something done (and done right), give it to the busiest person you know. You’ll never find a busier more accomplished person than Angela Murphy. She impresses with her superhuman ability to take on more and more responsibilities, but it’s her grace and poise under pressure that truly amazes.”

David PiersonV2

David Pierson
Global Digital Licensing Executive
National Geographic Creative


“Angela is fantastic. She is innovative, detail-oriented, communicative and executes on time with stellar results. I strongly endorse her work and I am proud to be her colleague.”

Jim KaisV2

Jim Kais
Senior Vice President, National Practice Leader


“Ang understands that words can be powerful! She helps you use the right words to evoke emotion and tell an enticing story. Her easy-to-follow tips on writing for the consumer help to get clear and concise messages across.” 

Alba Gibson
Alba Gibson
Marketing Director
USC Marshall School of Business


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